Teeth Whitening

Our smile is one of the first things that someone notices about us. Over the years teeth can lose their natural white colour as they become stained by food and lifestyle habits such as coffee, wine, smoking and other substances.

Teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to improve the attractiveness of your smile. It is one of the simplest cosmetic dental services that we provide and does not damage teeth in any way.

Is Teeth whitening safe?

At Hurst Dental, we use Zoom whitespeed and Enlighten whitening systems which are safe quick, easy and cost effective. These are arguably the leading whitening systems in the UK.

we carry out a Dental Examination to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and to determine the cause of the discolouration. We will discuss the options for treatment with you, so we can determine the best way to enhance your smile.

Zoom whitespeed whitening.

Zoom Whitespeed is the latest teeth whitening method which is carried out in the dental surgery.

The procedure is simple, hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to your teeth which is activated with the Zoom Whitespeed light. After 1 hour minutes, your teeth are noticeably whiter.

Top up trays are included to help you maintain your whiter teeth.

Enlighten Whitening

Home Whitening with Enlighten®- Rubber trays are formed to precisely fit your teeth. We demonstrate and provide you with an instruction leaflet to safely carry out the home whitening. We supply you with gel, Following two weeks of home treatment, we will carry out a power whitening session at the clinic to complete your dazzling new smile. Enlighten® Guarantees that your teeth will reach the lightest shade – B1.

COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION – We offer a complimentary consultation , to help you with your query prior to booking your whitening appointment..please contact our friendly reception team on 01273 832209 or send us an email if you are interested.

Download the Zoom! Whitening information poster

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